Tips for Selecting a Paint Palette for an Open Floor Plan

Painted Open Floor Plan

An open floor plan has been popular for quite some time and is becoming even more so as new builds throughout North Carolina continue to implement the spacious feel of connecting the kitchen to living spaces. The open floor plan not only brings people together, but it is also inviting, comforting and cheerful. However, it…

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Tips for Selecting the Right Painting Contractor

Value vs Price

Selecting the right painting contractor to work with can be a challenging assignment. As consumers, we all want the best value in exchange for our hard-earned dollars. The problem is that the cheapest painting estimate that you obtain is not always the best value. Without additional information, consumers can be easily misled by price alone.…

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Tips for Selecting Office Paint

Office with painted walls

What Every Business Owner Should Know Before Selecting Office Paint When customer’s walk into your place of business, your space says a lot about your care and your attention to detail. As a business owner you want to portray a neat, clean and orderly look to your customers; and this includes your interior paint. How…

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