Painting Your Home Will Make You Happy – 2021 Painting Survey

woman with umbrella in front of yellow wall

Sherwin-Williams released results from a survey of over 1200 homeowners and the biggest takeaway was this: painting your home will make you happy. According to the survey, a large majority of homeowners (72%) responded that they think there is a positive emotional impact that results from painting a space. We obviously wholeheartedly agree and see…

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How to Create an Accent Wall with Paint

dark accent wall

Creating an accent wall, also called a feature wall, is one of the easiest, quickest, and most affordable ways to make a design statement in your home. There are endless possibilities—think stripes, color blocks, ombre, two-tone, zigzags, etc. — and it’s currently a very popular home trend. Pros of Painting an Accent Wall Painting a…

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Rooms Prioritization When Painting a Whole House

white paint roller

Repainting an entire home room by room is a huge undertaking that takes planning, prioritization, and a bit of finesse so your daily life is disrupted as little as possible over the course of the project. When planning to paint a whole house, you will need to move furniture, cover furniture, protect floors, prep the…

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