Green With Envy: Your Guide to Interior Green Paint

Living room with green paint

Green has come a long way from the basic primary color we learned about in school. Even our Crayola box taught us that green is not simply just green, there are infinite hues from yellow-green, blue-green, teal, brownish-greens and gray-greens ranging from cool tones to warm tones and with the power to evoke a different…

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Ways to Use Chalkboard Paint at Home and at Work

Chalkboard accent wall

Chalkboard paint gives a creative license to transform and personalize your home in an inexpensive way. The possibilities are endless for using chalkboard paint, not to be confused with chalky finish paint, a color coat paint with a soft, matte-like finish often used to repurpose furniture for a modern antiqued look. Chalkboard paint on the…

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