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Professional Cabinet and Furniture Painting by Flowers Painting

There are many reasons why you might want to paint your cabinets, bookshelves, or furniture. Some customers want a custom look and to be able to choose the paint color versus settling for what options present themselves at the store. You may have aging and scratched items around the house that could use the refresh […]

Your Guide to Interior Paint

It’s time to paint the interior of your home. Yay! Is it as simple as picking up a paintbrush? No, of course not. So many, many things go into an interior painting project. To help you out, we’ve created a simple guide you’ll need to get started and some things you should know before you […]

50 Shades of Gray Paint and How to Choose

Shades of gray have been a popular go-to for wall paint for many years and it’s no surprise why. Shades of gray paint are great alternatives to white and beige walls, providing a blank slate to add personal style with decor and art. Gray hues are a fantastic foundational color to create a personalized space, […]

How to Use Paint Samples to Pick the Perfect Paint Color

The first step to beginning any interior paint project is selecting the right paint color for the job—this can be quite challenging with the abundant choices of colors, finishes, sheens, and products on the market. How do you know you’re choosing the perfect paint for your project? Using tools like color swatches can be helpful […]

Product Review: Sherwin-Williams Paint

Purchasing paint should be easy, but with so many brands, product lines, sheens, all-in-one primer and paint products, colors, and finishes it can get confusing, and the costs of a home improvement project can add up fast. So how can you be sure you’re choosing the right product, from the right brand name to get […]

Flowers Painting Before & After Pictures

Nothing transforms a room like paint. You can take a space from drab to fab in a single day –and it doesn’t cost a fortune compared to other home improvement projects. It’s so fun to see our happy customers after we’ve finished a painting project and we have fun putting together before and after photos […]

How to Estimate the Cost of Hiring a Professional Painter

Painting interior walls is without a doubt one of the most common and simple ways to revive and refresh the look and feel of a home. There are endless possibilities with infinite colors and brands to choose from. But is it a DIY project, or something to hire professionals to do? Knowing what it will […]

The Truth About White Walls: White Paint Demystified

It is no secret that the most efficient way to add appeal and spruce up your home is a fresh coat of paint. Every year paint manufacturers and interior designers produce a list of the best interior paint trends for the year. For 2021, you may be surprised to learn that the tried and true […]

Painting Your Home Will Make You Happy – 2021 Painting Survey

Sherwin-Williams released results from a survey of over 1200 homeowners and the biggest takeaway was this: painting your home will make you happy. According to the survey, a large majority of homeowners (72%) responded that they think there is a positive emotional impact that results from painting a space. We obviously wholeheartedly agree and see […]

How to Create an Accent Wall with Paint

Creating an accent wall, also called a feature wall, is one of the easiest, quickest, and most affordable ways to make a design statement in your home. There are endless possibilities—think stripes, color blocks, ombre, two-tone, zigzags, etc. — and it’s currently a very popular home trend. Pros of Painting an Accent Wall Painting a […]