Painting Tips and Advice from the Pros

Top Kitchen Cabinet Paint Colors Trending in 2021 Unveiled

The kitchen is believed to be the heart of the home. As the hub for all activities from cooking your favorite meals, to gathering with friends and family, doing homework, and mid-day dance parties—everything happens in the kitchen. According…
Dining room with high gloss red paint

When and When Not to Use High Gloss Paint

Understanding the various paint sheens available will help you make an informed choice when buying paint.  High gloss paint is the most reflective paint sheen. It has a super smooth finish that looks almost like lacquer and is the polar opposite…
Low VOC Paint

All You Need to Know About Low VOC Paint

You may have heard the term “low VOC or “zero VOC” paint. VOC is an abbreviation of the phrase volatile organic compound. What exactly are volatile organic compounds? We are so glad you asked. VOC’s are chemicals released by some…
Sherwin Williams Color of the Year 2021 Urbane Bronze

Celebrating Sherwin Williams 2021 Color of the Year

In September Sherwin Williams announced its color of the year and we are loving it. In the world of interior design, 2021 is drawing emphasis on serenity, calm, joy, and relaxation in the home. After all, the home was the setting to the story…
calm and comforting colors

Calm & Comfort: 2021 Painting Trends

Paint brands like Sherwin-Williams, PPG, Benjamin Moore, and Behr began to predict the New Year’s color trend forecast this past fall, giving us glimpses of earthy tones and hues. Shades with the intent to promote and create a sense of well-being…
Modern living room interior with door 3d rendering

How to Refresh Battered Trim and Molding

Over time, your once glossy white trim and molding loses its luster and takes a beating, especially if you have children or pets in your home. Even high-quality paint will chip on the trim in high traffic areas after a few years, and baseboards…